Founded by Avenged Sevenfold guitarist and investor Synyster Gates, Synner introduced a community for aspiring guitarists and fans. Setting course for the future, Synner needed an ecosystem to match their ambitions.

When initially approached by the client, we were tasked with moving their community data from a web host that was holding it hostage. A data migration later, it became clear to Synner and our team that a long-term plan and partnership was important in growing this community to hit successful key performance indicators, become self-sustaining, and that the community and platform as a whole are moving forward and upwards.

How we helped:
platform building
Synyster Gates playing guitar during a live stream that is highlighted on their homepage.

Through it all, they strategized and managed the community to make it the fun and engaging space it is now.

Without the whole team pushing my ideas into reality, supporting and encouraging users in the community, and building all the intricate technical aspects, Synner wouldn't be the mind bending experience it is today.

Brian Haner Jr.Co-founder of Synner
platform building
  • foundational community software
  • migrating from legacy platform
  • creating a lessons system
  • developing a native app
  • introducing a streaming platform
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community growth
  • metrics of success
  • community strategy
  • building a monetization model
  • community driven content
  • establishing a plan for the future
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creative vision
  • custom ui
  • branding
  • creative exploration
  • ads & social media
  • NFTs
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