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    Need an experienced CTO to manage your team?

    With 15 years of agency experience, our virtual CTO will work with you to develop a business and technology strategy as a short-term or long-term partner.

    Develop your business and product strategy with an expert

    Mike is a technical expert and has been in the tech space for 10+ years. Along with founding his own startup that was successfully funded, Mike has led a wide range of projects with startups to established businesses. His CTO consulting focuses on streamlining operations, providing technical expertise, product strategy and assisting with fundraising.

    Business operations

    As part of our virtual CTO services we not only look at the technical side but offer our expertise on streamlining operations to ensure your infrastructure from the start can serve you for the long term.

    • - Document and business organization
    • - Project management
    • - Hiring and employee valuation
    • - Establishing policies for long term growth

    Technology leadership

    We have worked with in-house development teams and also orchestrated outsourcing as needed. Our CTO services encompass keeping the full team on task by managing sprints, code quality, and key product milestones.

    • - Feature and deliverable planning
    • - Code and product assessment
    • - Enforcing best practices
    • - Setting requirements, goals, and timelines

    Fundraising strategy

    After reviewing past campaign performances, our virtual CTO services will determine new campaign goals, conduct thorough prospect research, and create a strategic story of your product.

    • - Coordinating fundraising efforts
    • - Managing partner relationships
    • - Developing market strategies
    • - Serving as the company's technical voice

    Product development

    Through CTO consulting, we plan a product roadmap that is future forward and competitive in the market. Through the development cycle we continue to advise on latest trends in the market to help in making those critical product decisions.

    • - Brand strategy
    • - Industry research
    • - Marketplace research
    • - Presentation to key stakeholders

    We have familiarity with a variety of tools

    This isn't an exhaustive list, but these are some of our favorites.

    Adobe suite
    Google Cloud
    Click Up
    Amazon Web Services
    Google Drive
    Google Business

    Meet our talented team

    Our team of skilled designers, developers, project managers have built connections over the past 15 years with over 500 unique websites.

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