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    Apply our expertise and recommendations to your platform

    When projects aren't straightforward, we're there to be a resource and guide in making complexities simple. We use experience and data-driven design and strategy to create goal-oriented roadmap for your project.

    CTO consulting

    As a business and product advisor, we constantly have our finger on industry trends and a vision for the future as a short or long term partner for your business.

    • - Product audits
    • - Technical expertise
    • - Investor and stakeholder pitches
    • - Development team management
    • - Product roadmapping
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    Product consultant

    We become a partner, product leader, and supportive source in the decision-making process across the product design and development process from ideation to launch.

    • - Product demo to stakeholders
    • - Monitor and recommend on product trends
    • - Comprehensive strategy report
    • - Development roadmap

    Startup consultant

    Growing a web-based business from the ground-up is challenging in the best of circumstances; our experience can help guide you to success in growing your startup.

    • - Feature scoping and technical specifications
    • - Product and user group audit
    • - Target market and customer research
    • - Optimize development and infrastructure

    Brand consultant

    We will take a look at the current performance of your brand identity and determine where you can add value and how to stand out against the competition.

    • - Mission and value development
    • - Target audience research
    • - UX recommendations
    • - Logo and brand material strategy

    UX consultant

    As product designers and developers for 10+ years, our team is in-tune with what works, what user experience trends to consider, and how to design your product for the future.

    • - User experience consulting
    • - User journey maps
    • - Wireframes & prototyping
    • - Accessibility evaluation
    “For the past few years, I've had the amazing opportunity to grow the Synner community alongside the Audentio team. Through it all, they strategized and managed the community to make it the fun and engaging space it is now. Without Mike, Alex, and the whole team pushing my ideas into reality, supporting and encouraging users in the community, and building all the intricate technical aspects, Synner wouldn't be the experience it is today.”

    Brian Haner Jr.

    Co-founder of Synner

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