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  • Minimum viable products

    Our minimal viable product development will help fast-track your product and get visuals in front of stakeholders

    Our MVP process will give you a prototype to demo to stakeholders. Gather real data and early feedback before starting development.

    Product consulting

    Our expertise in product design, strategy, and development will help to make critical decisions about product features, where it’s heading in the future, and how to best position your product within the market.

    • - Business analysis
    • - Brand strategy
    • - Industry research
    • - Content strategy
    • - Technology strategy
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    Product and app prototype

    Gain early-stage feedback and buy-in from project stakeholders in a fast and cost-effective way with a clickable prototype of your product that you can demo in a few weeks before starting the formal development process.

    • - Product strategy
    • - Wireframes
    • - Interactive prototype
    • - Proof of concept

    Investment deck

    Onboard investors faster and secure funding with presentation decks that show investors why your idea is the one worth betting on. In developing your investment presentation, our team will lend our expertise in funding and how to successfully achieve it.

    • - Proof of concept brand
    • - Investment presentation deck
    • - Product launch presentation deck
    • - Product roadmap presentation deck
    • - Business plan presentation deck

    MVP development

    Fast-track your project launch by focusing on the critical features. With agile product sprints, our project managers will keep the development process smooth and transparent to deliver a performant and viable product.

    • - Product management
    • - Technical architecture
    • - Software engineering
    • - Mobile application development
    • - Web application development
    • - Quality assurance

    Business and technical expert on-hand through critical product decisions

    Mike has been in the tech space for 10+ years and has lended his expertise in product design, technical infrastructure, and business strategy to many businesses and startups. Our virtual CTO services can seamlessly pair with the MVP process.

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