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    Building products and services that improve functionality, stay reliable, and evolve with time

    We have experience in tackling complex problems to create web apps, native apps and software as a service.

    Strategy and development

    From ideation to launch, we'll partner with you to design and plan your product from the feature list to the user experience and beyond with development sprints.

    • - UI/UX and wireframing
    • - Technical architecture
    • - Mobile application development
    • - Web application development

    MVP prototyping

    Ensure a successful launch by having the tools and resources necessary to secure funding for your product and a prototype built to last.

    • - Brand proof of concept
    • - Investment presentation deck
    • - Product launch presentation
    • - Business strategy presentation deck
    Learn more about minimum viable product

    Quality assurance

    Let our project management team worry about the details. We will coordinate sprints, setup beta test groups, keep you updated on the status of your project, and assist through the launch process.

    • - Beta testing coordination
    • - Performance and regression testing
    • - Security and accessibility testing
    • - Coordinating bug fixes with developers

    Maintenance and support

    We’ll handle routine maintenance and product features so that your product continues to use the most modern infrastructure and scales with your needs.

    • - Maintaining software updates
    • - Introducing new functionality
    • - Monitor feedback and support inquiries
    • - Training and onboarding meetings
    “We came to Audentio with an impossible task---move us from our existing platform, transfer over all of our customer base, build us a message board --and do it all in less than two weeks. They not only were able to meet our deadline, they did so ahead of schedule, on budget and with everything we could have ever hoped for and more. What they did was nothing short of a business miracle and I can't recommend them highly enough.”

    Moira Zellner

    Associate Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago

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